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Tiffany Ignatius Cosplay

Cosplayer: Ovitria Rachmadanti [Yonchan]. Dead victim: Bima Sena [he is one of the kameko] This is a cosplay of Yon's original character, Tiffany Ignatius, a gunslinger girl

Private Session with Yashinta

October 16, 2011. Cosplayer: Yashinta Aira Kartini, Location: Yashinta's house. Her mom's room and her yard :D.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Vocaloid in Kindergarten Cosplay

Photo Session on September|25th|2011
Kana Riana [Kagamine Rin], Yosafat Cahya Pradipta [Kagamine Len], Rani Ranran [MEGPOID aka GUMI], Yashinta Aira Kartini [Megurine Luka]

[ Scene 01 ]

[ Scene 02 ]

[ Scene 03 ]

[ Scene 04 ]



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