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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion Show at Fashion Tendance, Ambarukmo Hotel Pool and Plaza

When it comes to fashion show, most of people would love to sits back and enjoy the show. But we, photographers, are not most people. Some of us forget that and just go sit somewhere convenient where he/she thinks is the best spot then just shoots every models that passing by. Well, maybe that's the best view. all shot looks crisp, models looks fabulous, and it's clear, but where the plays in it? Since I believe photographer is an artist, we need to play with it like we make some art. Pictures collection from models with the same spot, same background and lighting would just look like a slide show. And most of photographer gonna sit on the safe spot where light would hit model flatly so everything could be seen. But photography is an art of lighting, which means we need to play with shadows.
So I'm like moving on 4 different spots on this session to get the results that I want.



Some spot I took taking place in the back of lighting that gave nice rim light and unusual lighting.

I'm standing on not-favorite spot alone with no other photographers, with light casts on me, even though I'm standing behind the audiences, I stand out enough to catch the model attention and then "shot!", I got picture of she looking directly at me.



Iyo. Kita malah sibuk sendiri dan ga memperhatikan kalo ada fashion show bagus. xD

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