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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Following The Rule [and Happy with It]

As you can see from my shots, lot of them are flared, over saturate, and over exposure. That three factors was not a mistake. I did it in purpose, because that's the way I like it.
I heard that rule of portrait photography is it would be good when the face can be seen clearly, no disturbing shadow, the exposure is standard, and the skin color is natural. Well, I never think about that and still doing it differently. What most on my concern is about one thing, moment. Because, see, sometime when photographers getting busy preparing anything to get good picture like how it said has to be, they forgot about maintain mood, time, and some lucks. And then, because they do a lot of hard work rig the scene, there's mind set on them: this must be good because I prepared anything perfectly. But I believe, it doesn't work that way.
Good lighting and number on your camera is just a constants. And constants is boring because it always the same. It's not enough to got just right picture, we need to got good picture, which is the thing determined by that moment thing.
Like I said I'm a digital artist and cinematographer before I'm a photographer. And I'm still doing that for living. Photography? That's just a hobby for me. That's why my brain work differently. Photographer starts from understanding camera works then continues to make a good shot. I do the opposite. I understand the art and composition, then I learn the camera works. So I'm weak theoretically, I admit that. I'm still learning.


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