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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rainy Afternoon

Model: Coco
Location: Fisipol UGM, Jogjakarta

On Last Sunday Morning I had an appointment with one Jogja Cosplay Community. But because some funny factors, including most of the cosplayers was exhausted after clothes hunting madness together, the event got to be canceled.
I'm cool with that, guess I would spent the rest of holiday with procrastinating at home. But it looked like some of the friends [Dina and Yosafat] was gonna have spontaneus private event. They started doing their private session and calling me to join. Since I didn't have anything to do I agree with them.
Then we started the session, untill they ask me to ask Coco to be our model. There I called her.
[Fun fact, when I called her, at first I couldn't hear her clearly. I'm pretty sure she was sleeping when I called but she just didn't admit it XD]
So this is the result from the session with Coco. I'm gonna upload the one with Yosafat later.
It was raining a little and the atmosphere was humid and cold. So I try to keep the tone soft and not too much over exposure to maintain the feeling that the session was taken after the rain indeed.

Click here for the complete set.


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